Project’s output summary






Activity 1:





Curriculum development in international trade law


–          01 Survey on 1000 organizations and enterprises’ need for training and improving the skills of Vietnamese legal professionals in the post-WTO period had been executed in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from October 2009 to January 2010

–          03 reports

–          01 Conference at Foreign Trade University (Hanoi) with 150 participants for two days on 14th and 15th of June, 2010 about the designing and adapting of the Bachelor and  Master’s program and finalize its detailed structure.

–          01 workshop at Foreign Trade University (Hanoi) with 100 participants on 6th October, 2010 to final evaluation of higher education program on international trade law at Foreign Trade University designed by EU experts.

–         8 of the purchased books are translated into Vietnamese and ready to be used in the implementation of the programs, in which:

  • 4 translated books are for the bachelor program;
  • 2 translated books are for the Master’s program; and
  • 2 translated books are for the short-term course
–          Receive an official decision from MOET approval the bachelor curriculum and syllabus  No 2730 QD/ BGDDT dated 05 July 2011

–          At least 70 students are recruited in the first intake of the bachelor law program at FTU majoring in international trade law.

–          The entrance exam scores of recruited students meet FTU’s standards and are approved by MOET

Activity 2




Implementing the specialized short-term course


–          Held two week training course “Skills to apply regulations of the WTO to Vietnam” in Hanoi from 15th to 25th February 2011with 46 participants

–          Held two week training course “Skills to apply regulations of the WTO to Vietnam” in Ho Chi Minh from 8th to 15th September 2011 with 45 participants


–          FTU will continue to organize these courses in the following years.

Activity 3:




Setting up a research centre at FTU


– Held 02 conference on scientific research methods and writing skills and techniques of final thesis for final year students and on the WTO similar.

– Assisted and directly instructed 15 FTU students with their graduation thesis topics on international trade law;

– Assisted and/or directly instructed 05 FTU post-graduate students with their research topics on international trade law;

– Assisted and directly instructed 02 PhD students in performing their dissertations on international trade law

– Assisted the Young Research Club to organize the Students’ Research Competition 2011 and Contest of Dynamic Students 2011 with subject on the WTO

– Published 05 articles on domestic journals

– There have been about 20 speeches in conferences and seminars held inside and out of the university.

– There have been 10 lecturers of FTU to participant in various research projects of the Centre to foster their research capacity and improve their competence in studying independently in the future:

– There are 20 lecturers/ experts from FTU to attend these courses provided by European experts to enhance the knowledge on international trade law and the WTO’s regulations

– There are 24 FTU students are able to work as research assistants in the joint studies between international and local experts

–          The research centre on international trade law at FTU was officially established under the President’s Decision No. 305/QD-DHNT-TCHC in April 2010.

–          Continue holding intensive courses on the WTO similar to the 02 held courses to ensure the financial independence of the Center;.

–          Continue holding conferences of specific topics in relation to International trade law, expected to include the follows:

  • Conference on Vienna Convention on Contracts for The International Sale of Goods (1980)
  • Conference on International investment dispute settlement under the regime of the ICSID
  • Conference on contracts in the context of international trade
  • Conference on the PPP investment model in Vietnam

–          Design and provide courses to train the specific qualifications, knowledge and skills relation to international trade law and the WTO’s regulations. Targeted participants are those working in  the field of international trade law, obtaining a first degree in law and/or having experience in relation to legal issues

–          Continue writing and publishing articles on domestic journals and writing articles in English for publication on international journals


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